10 High Salary Jobs For Creative People

Your love of color, your artistic eye, and your impeccable sense of style make people call you a creative person, and you carry this label with pride. You hug her while you rejoice to express your true being and to make things visually attractive.

What would happen if we said that there is a way to use your creative mind full time in place of individual projects? Even better, what if you got paid to be creative every day? The reality is that there is a vast range of design careers where individuals like you can flourish.

So what is there for those with a big eye for design? We have identified 10 types of design tasks that are good for the creative. Below is an overview of what every post’s responsibilities are and a few of the skills required to be successful. Have an overview and find out which field in the creative line interests you the most.

10 Creative Careers in Design

Any creativity-driven individual will be glad to know that there are numerous kinds of designing career options that will help you to take advantage of your ingenuity. Discover exciting jobs for creatives like you.

1. Graphic designer

One of the most usual careers in designing is that of being a graphic designer. A graphic designer creates designs for marketing materials, product graphics, brand ideas, and web pages using software such as Adobe® Creative Suite.

They combine technical skills and artistic skills to create a design that resonates with the desired audience. Graphic designers can work independently as freelancers or entrepreneurs, in an internal environment at a company or in an office.

General skills for graphic designers:

  • Adobe® Creative Suite
  • typography
  • Advertising material
  • social media design
  • Website design
  • packaging

2. User Experience Designer (UX)

These professionals design web pages, phone apps, software, and computer games that are relatively easy to navigate and more instinctive for consumers. They study and then begin evaluating individuals’ thinking regarding a peculiar system and designing their products to meet users’ demands. Furthermore, they look at certain parts of the systems, like usability, value, reliability, and affordability.

For example, a UX designer who works with a detailer to meet the magazines of the products’ web pages and the reduction of the problems, the lines that formulate frustrating problems, the difficult buttons to see and the visual appearance, who wants to dissuade the users of faire A purchase.

General skills for UX designers:

  • Wired UX
  • Prototype production
  • Visual aspect
  • Search for users
  • Adobe Creative Suite

3. User Interface (UI) Designer.

Closely related to the designing of customers’ experiences, this specialized design role focuses on the creation of (or improvement of existing interfaces). I’m unsure about its meaning? Think about the menu systems for your favorite applications or the touch screens you see in vehicles; These are prominent examples of interfaces and great emphasis is placed on ensuring that they are intuitive, aesthetic, and easy to navigate.

This role requires understandability from the user and the capability to match the user’s requirements with the application creator’s needs. Generally, user interface design needs an amalgamation of designing, psychology, and creation skills to be successful.

General skills for user interface designers:

  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Interaction design
  • UX wired framing
  • javascript
  • Search for users

4. Photographer

Photographers use their creative and composing skills as well as their technical knowledge to create photos that tell a story or document an event. Most contemporary photographers use digital camera sets and alteration software to edit photos or to click pictures of the subjects for commercial purposes. A few travel to a venue to film an event or landscape, whereas a few work in their own studio for photography, commercial shoot, or artwork.

General skills for photographers:

  • Digital photography
  • Customer service
  • videography
  • Adobe Photoshop®
  • Video editing
  • Social media

5. Interior designer

The individuals in this profession are generally working with interiors of the space for improving the safety, functioning capacity, and aesthetics of the place. They choose the colors, the furniture, the floors, the lighting and all the other elements of a room or a building. These professionals also draw their plans or utilize designing software to pass on their vision to the architects, civil engineers, and builders who execute their ideas.

Common skills for interior designers:

  • Customer service
  • Budget
  • Computer-Aided Drawing / Design (CAD) software.
  • spatial planning
  • Project management
  • Will buy

6. Multimedia artist and animator

A Multimedia artist and animator is the one who creates animations and optical effects for film, TV, computer games, and other kinds of media, both two-D and three-D. They complete tasks by working in groups of animators and artists in bringing their vision to reality using computer programs or by professionally coding their designs. A few complete their projects by working in studios or offices, but many are self-employed and work remotely.

Skills common to artists and multimedia animators:

  • Adobe Photoshop®
  • Animation
  • Graphic design
  • Animated images
  • Adobe Aftereffects®
  • 3D modeling

7. Artistic director

Usually, a role reserved for experienced design professionals, art directors work in a variety of settings, including magazines, newspapers, Internet publishing, and advertising or public relations agencies. They establish communication with customers while monitoring budgets and project schedules. They lead a team of design professionals who review and approve all creative media before presenting it to clients.

Common skills for artistic directors:

  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Graphic design
  • Budget
  • Creative direction
  • Project management

8. Advertising and marketing manager

The individuals working as advertising and marketing managers are the ones who generally work at organizations to organize campaigns for the customers. They can also take up the responsibility for the sale of advertising space or time to media companies. This is a work that can be taken up by people full of creativity with business acumen as they are working with salespeople for developing campaigns ideas, collaborating with creative groups to create layouts, negotiation of contracts, and preparation of full campaign budget.

Common skills for advertising and marketing managers:

  • Budget
  • Project management
  • Social media
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Digital advertising

9. Fashion designer

The people working in this sector work in designing new garments and accessories. The design is sketched on paper or digital devices, after which colors, materials, and textures for the final product are determined. A fashion designer is a person who studies recent fashion inclinations by reading magazines and going to fashion shows. They then give clothing samples to sellers and agents hoping to sell their personal collections.

Abilities that fashion designers have in common:

  • sale
  • Contact with the customer
  • Commercialization
  • Product designing and creation
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Sketch

10. Movie and video editors

These professionals utilize technical support through various software to create artistic or commercial productions from images taken by camera operators. This creative career includes working with directors and producers for selection and decisions regarding the most appealing material to their audience and to reconstruct the scenes. The editing process involves dividing the films into segments, tagging frames for sound, and organizing the raw materials into a nice and clean end product.

General skills for film and video editors:

  • Video editing
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Social media handling
  • Video producing ability
  • Music and sound knowledge
  • Start creating your ideal design career

Now it is clear that there are many types of design jobs that allow you to exercise your creativity day after day. With such a vast array of options available, you must be one step nearer to searching for the creative careers that best suit your knowledge and passion.

If you are ready to take the next step towards a creative career, a degree in graphic design can be a good starting point for many of the roles described above.

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