Best Online Part Time Jobs In India

As we all know very well that everything is moving towards digitalization, so the reach of online jobs is growing rapidly. Everyone wants to make money from jobs online, but they don’t know which one is right for them. Various job opportunities are available in the online world. This article will provide the best online jobs with the option of working in the comfort of your home. Read the entire article carefully and then apply to get it based on your eligibility and interests.


1. Online Typing Jobs

Online typing jobs are in the craze these days to earn an amazing quantity of money. It is the most appropriate task from the home. A vast variety and numerous job opportunities are available in the field of writing online. To carry out this task you handiest must keep true typing skills. If you’ve got the skill of writing content and writing is what interests you, then you may apply without giving it a second thought. The nature of this work may either be offline or online as per your preference as well as on the company that allocates you the work. To begin with, you must initiate your career from simple and easy tasks and after gaining perfectionism in this field you may proceed with complex work as well. As you progress towards complex tasks, the earning rises. Numerous websites available online provide online typing jobs; furthermore, no investment and security are demanded these jobs.

Earnings from Typing Jobs

The money that you may expect from typing pages and documents is limitless and mainly relies on individual capacity. You can choose any type of job, from audio typing jobs or traditional typing jobs, based on your personal preference. A section of online writers earns through audio typing jobs in contrast to real typing. Under the projects associated with audio typing, the work is mostly regarding educational transcripts. Through this kind of work, you can fetch an even higher amount of money ranging from $25 to $30 Daily or $800 – $1200 Monthly.

2. Online Form Filling

Very little data processing is required for this kind of work because this requires you to fill the available data appropriately into the form. The skill required for this job is good typing speed as well as accuracy because quantity, as well as quality, is of immense importance for this job. Moreover, this job doesn’t require any investment or registration fees. This work requires your attention and efforts as the software available to perform this task also makes errors. Thus, it is you who have to view the data carefully and ensure its accuracy.

3. Online Data Entry

The number of data entry jobs is increasing day by day due to the fact that every organization requires data operators to operate all the data. In this job data processing is the task in hand in which you basically have to convert the data into the appropriate format from the available raw data. The data may be available in text or audio format so this job requires sound knowledge of the English language as well as a good hold on communication skills. This job can be done without making any investment which is the best part of this job

4. Copy Paste Online Jobs

It is exceptionally different as compared to other online jobs. Unlike the name, the work is not merely copied and paste but is more complex than expected. Before pasting the copied data, the data needs to be edited. Under every project, the activity to perform differs greatly and depends greatly on the nature of the job and the project at hand. If this is what interests you, you must go for this kind of work.

5. SMS Jobs/ Mobile Jobs

This is another famous field of work in online jobs. Although there are numerous sites in which SMS job is available, there is an update in this industry which opens newer methods for earning money. As we are aware of the rapidly increasing popularity of earning money through apps. Numerous apps are available which help in easy ways to make money. Along with these, this industry has plenty of organizations that offer mobile jobs which have to be executed by mobile apps. The only task need to be done is downloading the app into your smartphone and the activities to be done will be assigned to you through the app.

6. Amazon Online Work

If e-commerce is the sector you are looking for, Amazon is one of the platforms available to work on which is a trusted and a big name in the e-commerce industry. It not only offers full- tie jobs, but also offers the flexibility of work for those interested in part-time jobs. To begin working with amazon online, you have to create your profile on it. Thereafter, all you have to do is upload the details of the information of the services rendered by you along with images from your account. It is one of the businesses you can consider to earn well.

7. Google Internet Jobs

There is a large number of jobs that google is offering to individuals. We are all aware of the big-name that this millionaire company has in the market. But it would be great if we had the chance to work with them. Google is the most reliable company in terms of money and quality. There are a wide variety of google online jobs available in your area. All the information on this segment will be available below but here we are concerned about blogging and digital marketing. This is an option that can lead you to incredible earning.

8. Income from Instagram and Facebook Pages

In this time, everybody wants to increase the number of followers and grow their profiles. As we are aware that Facebook holds second place in the popularity rating of social sites and people spend plenty of time using it. Due to its influence and hold on society, you can earn a good income from the Facebook or Instagram pages, the earning from which rises with increase with the number of followers. These pages can be used for promoting things that fetch you money. You can create groups and attach numerous people with it. Once the group is established, the social media game is yours.

9. Paid Surveys

Under these jobs, all you have to do is answer the question an organization asks you. The organization gets feedback on the products newly launched by them and the services provided by them through these surveys which help them analyze the success in the market. We know that survey is important for any organization and must be done for anything to help them improve the mistakes in the products and services. There are multiple organizations that provide internet survey jobs without any security and investment. The organization will pay you for participating in one survey after completion of which you can apply for another.

10. Online Teaching

In the times of lockdown due to Covid 19 where people prefer to practice social distancing, this job is in trend. In this, you can be an online tutor working from home. Not only you can teach about studies on online platforms but can also teach about music, yoga, cooking, dance, etc. depending on your passion and skills. This is based on a cloud-based conferencing call to connect with the students who can join you at a particular fixed time. It has the flexibility of taking one on one lecture or conference of many like in a class depending on the choice. The students can be trained on various platforms like zoom, google meet, or skype. The major advantage is the ability to connect to many at one time but charging each differently. Furthermore, the classes can be scheduled according to convenience making it the best online job.

Salary Packages

The income details are as follow:

Typing Work Average Payment Daily work Earnings daily
Form Filling $1 – $2 1-4Hours $2 -$5
Content Writing Rs. 0.20 2000-5000 Words $6 -$14
Simple Text Typing Rs. 10 – Rs.15 30 Pages $5 – $8
Data Entry Work Rs. 50 – Rs.200 hourly 4-5 Hours $3 – $15
Ad Copywriting Rs. 0.75 per word 1K-2K Words $10 – $20
Audio To Text Rs. 150 – Rs.300 / Hour 3-4 Hours $7 – $13
Translation Typing Rs. 100 – Rs.200 for one Page 10 Pages $15 – $30
Proof-Reading Rs. 200 – Rs.500 / Hour 2-3 Hours $6 – $22


It can be concluded that the option of working online from the comfort of your home without making an investment is a good career choice. Anyone with sound knowledge and required skills can pursue these jobs with basic things like laptop and internet and no other advanced settings or workplace. It is an option with a variety of options for all including housewives or college students to any professional. All that is required is to check various websites and choose the work of your passion. If you can follow your heart from the comfort of home at the time of your choice, why not proceed in this career!

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