Comparison Between Bitwarden & 1Password

Bitwarden and 1Password, both of them are astounding choices for anybody needing a password manager. In the event that you require a separate or domestic account, Bitwarden beats 1Password because of its less cost. An individual record will cost you nothing except if you need scrambled capacity and additional highlights.

Furthermore, Bitwarden family accounts cost just $1 each month for up to five clients, contrasted with $4.99 to $6.99 each month for the family account of 1Password. For business clients, 1Password is the victor because of the fact that it is so natural to make business/venture accounts, share passwords with workers, and shield touchy business information from unapproved access. Beneath, we’ll separate the contrasts between these two suppliers in more detail.

Bitwarden vs. 1Password: Comparison

When looking at password managers, it very well may be hard to sort out which one is the best met for your requirements. We’ve sliced through the commotion by contrasting these two organizations concurring with five of the main highlights. Recall that the best password manager for your requirements relies upon elements, for example, the number of clients it needs to help and whether you intend to purchase for home or business use.


Bitwarden gets excellent grades for being not difficult to set up and utilize immediately. In case you are using a phone, you will be able to get the Bitwarden application using the App Store or Google Play. PC and work area clients should visit the Bitwarden site and pick a program or working framework to utilize. Whenever it’s introduced, Bitwarden strolls you through the way toward picking a master password, bumping you to make a more grounded one if your underlying endeavor is feeble. The Bitwarden dashboard is efficient and outwardly engaging, making it simple to discover the data you need in only a couple of seconds. It’s additionally natural, which implies you will not need to invest energy exploring how to perform essential capacities.

1Password is additionally simple to set up, regardless of whether you have a business or family account with different clients. In the wake of making a record, 1Password prompts you to make a master password. When you complete this progression, you’ll have the option to begin utilizing 1Password on your phones or download the program expansion to make it simpler to sign in to your number one sites. What separates 1Password from Bitwarden is the survival kit you get when you join. The pack contains your master password, a mysterious key, and contact data for 1Password help. On the off chance that you fail to remember your master password, the first aid kit can assist you with recapturing admittance to your record.

Security & Encryption

Bitwarden secures your information with a start to finish encryption, which forestalls unapproved admittance to your master password. PBKDF2, an AES-256 code, salting, and hashing give additional security against programmers who need to access your records. PBKDF2 forestalls animal power assaults by making it hard for anybody to figure your master password. Dicing is utilized for confirmation, and the salting process enhances letterings to the furthest limit of your secret word to mark it considerably harder to figure. Bitwarden additionally offers two-factor v password validation, which makes your record safer by expecting you to give two snippets of data to demonstrate your personality before you can sign in to a record.

Like Bitwarden, 1Password utilizations start to finish encryption, PBKDF2, and AES-256 encryption to ensure your delicate information. For additional security, 1Password likewise expects you to enter a mysterious key when signing in to your record. Regardless of whether somebody figures out how to figure your master password, they will not have the option to get to your record without entering the mysterious key. 1Password offers extra significant serenity with its zero-data strategy, which implies the organization doesn’t impart your information to anybody. At long last, 1Password makes it conceivable to store information in numerous vaults, making it simple to ensure your most touchy information by putting it away in a different area.


Cost is another element on which Bitwarden has a benefit over 1Password. Bitwarden is an uncluttered home security arrangement, which implies the source encryption is free for everybody to utilize. You will be able to also host it on your own worker for additional security. For essential highlights, for example, synchronizing across limitless gadgets and the capacity of limitless things in your vault, you’ll pay nothing. Premium highlights, including need client care and 1GB of scrambled record stockpiling, cost $10 each year. A domestic account charges only $1 each month for at least five clients. Bitwarden is likewise a moderate alternative for organizations, with costs going from free for two clients to $3 per client each month for big business accounts.

1Password is extra costly than Bitwarden for equally individual and commercial use. Singular access costs $2.99 each month whenever charged every year or $3.99 each month in the event that you need to pay consistently. Family accounts, which oblige up to five clients, cost $4.99 each month (every year) or $6.99 each (month to month). Group accounts cost $3.99 per client each month; business accounts cost $7.99 per client each month, and endeavor accounts have custom evaluating. All business accounts are charged yearly, which is an interesting point in the event that you just dispatched and need to give close consideration to income.

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