How Does Netflix Make Money?

When we want to fetch a certain piece of information, the only thing that comes to our mind is Google. Similarly, whenever we want to watch a movie or series on the net, we immediately think about Netflix. This platform has got such popularity in a short span since its launch.

This platform has set a benchmark for the companies for attaining such success and has done that by changing its business model from time to time. Netflix began by permitting the rental of packaged products through mail service across the globe, afterwards, it began providing on-demand entertainment for users across the globe. Users were permitted to get the subscription to various offers as per their need, they were allowed to see the shows of their choice from any place and without any time constraints.

Netflix also brought about a genre without any script about 10 years ago with many formats of English, and a fun cookery competition did it. They were able to build a local success by providing local versions in different regions like France, Mexico, Germany, and Spain in the very beginning, and in the following days after the triumph with the same, it moved further with different versions depending on the demands of the subscribers.

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How does Netflix operate?

This is among the most famous streaming content providing platforms that let its users watch different content like series, movies, documentaries, and so on from any device with a net connection. The company also has DVDs available for its users with different plans.

This is one of the companies that have videos available depending on the needs which helped it gain this fame among the users in such a short span. This company functions on the subscription-based model in which the users can give the money according to the plan they opt for to get to watch the content of their choice in various qualities available like HD, SD, and Ultra HD depending n the plan you opt for.

History of Netflix

This platform came into being in April 1998 and was created by Marc Rudolph and Reed Hastings, when initially it provided its users with the DVD that contained movies on payment. This then became the platform to stream the trending movies, series, shows, etc. Today this platform has overtaken the cable TV subscriptions in the United States. The number of users of this platform is more than imagined as it contributes about one-third of the traffic on the net during its peak time.

In its early days, Netflix provided only DVDs through the mail but only after one year, it launch an updated business model and change its strategy for money-making from pay for use model, and shifted to a subscription-based model. After a period of 10 years, Netflix once again scraped its old business model and revolutionized its proposition, and shited further to a streaming service provider which totally changed the method of people spending their leisure time.

After viewing the success of Netflix in the field of entertainment, many new players have entered this field like Hulu Plus, Facebook Watch, Amazon Prime, and many more; however, Netflix is still leading this field. This platform is used by over 125 million users and earned about 11.7 billion USD in the year 2017.

This platform has over 150 million subscribers in over 190 countries to date. These paid members have the provision to choose the content from the vast diversity of options available. They can watch anything ranging from TV series, movies featured films to documentaries, etc. A device with an internet connection and a Netflix subscription is all that is required to explore unlimited content as per their choice.

Netflix Business Model: Know how Netflix bagged succeed with it

Netflix is among the leading company in the field of entertainment mass media which began by giving mailing facilities to the users. Initially, it distributed hard copies of the movies, video games, shows, etc. via traditional mailing. Then it transformed and reached new heights due to quick changes in the business model over the period.

With the advancement in technology, Netflix shifted from being the supplier of hard copies of content to providing the users with the feature of streaming the videos of their choice at the place and time of their comfort. These days, this platform has initiated the technology for an advanced streaming facility which helps in upgrading the business model and also, generates higher profit.

Netflix enables users to watch any content via a software application. It has bagged the seventh position across the globe since it has evolved to a video streaming business model.

Following were the problems that Netflix came across and thus evolved over time to become a great business model.


This has got 35+ partners due to which it offers huge diversity in types of genres to choose from. It has great deals with smart TV companies like Sony, LG, etc.

Netflix has successful relations with PlayStation, X-Box, and many more businesses in this field. It has alliances with companies in the gaming sector as well to facilitate the gaming facility to the users.

During the shifting phase of the business model, it developed partnerships with Microsoft, Apple, and Android.  And later on, when it gained a network on the internet, it is closely related to huge data-providing companies like Amazon and Google.

In addition, it has partnered with telecom companies, different operators globally.


The motto of this platform is a user-friendly experience by developing propositions.

The advantages that it fetches out of various subscription plans are content availability 24*7, HD quality, the flexibility of place and time, unlimited access, free trial period, access to its original shows and movies, avoiding ads, notification option, cancellation of subscription when required, and appropriate recommendations.

Furthermore, the account can be shared with friends and family through an advanced platform.


There are numerous advantages on this platform unlike other streaming platforms like easy self setup,  convenience, and ease of use, themes, and features to make it user-friendly.


Netflix provides various features for this like mailing, live chat, or any other means of connecting with the representative to seek support for any issue. Any specific deals or plans with discounts can be opted for as per the need of the user.


  • The developer team is working for improving the application and continues research for excellent customer service.
  • This platform uses artificial intelligence and algorithms for the application which gives a good experience to the subscribers by recommending the videos as per the interest.
  • The artificial intelligence software recommends videos based on the searched content.

The cost structure of Netflix

This platform has an innovative and great cost structure to gain profit thus is leading in the market. Most of the purchases are that of the content of different forms.

The additional cost is for the production of movies and customized recommendations.

The revenue stream of Netflix

It was a mediocre application till 2007 but reached great success with the launch of the streaming service.

This increased its profit by launching budget-friendly plans.

Netflix Business Segment

It has a creative business segment making it victorious in the market. This helped them gain huge profit in a short span.

Domestic Streaming

This is used to get huge profit from the monthly plans which provide attractive content to users in the USA.

International Streaming

This is a relatively new innovation in which it makes a profit from monthly plans across the globe.

Domestic DVD

This segment makes profit remarkable services of DVD delivered via mail.

How does Netflix Enter a New Territory?

Netflix’s CPO said “as we launch our service, we get a chance to learn from our members. They tell us what content we incrementally need to provide to them…… We do a better and better job at that, how we modify the product experience, what we need to add from a payments perspective, from a partner’s perspective. And we’re seeing that basically in all the markets that we operate in the world.”


This field is very competitive because of major advancements in the preference of the audience. There are numerous competitions like Disney+, Amazon Prime, Apple TV+, internet-DVD retailers, online video gambling services, and many more. In order to maintain the lead, this platform has evolved over time.


This has a good hold on online promotion for this platform to maintain its traffic. It has an expenditure of $28 Million in the year 2018 for the same.


Netflix has been following a unique business model for the production and sale of its services and content across the globe. More than what it sells, the major concern is the method of selling and promotion of the content. The molding of the new technological advancements has given a boom to this platform.

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