How To Apply for Online Captcha Entry Jobs

We often come across a captcha value on different web pages on the internet. Captcha has an important value as it serves the purpose of securing the system. Captcha is often put on web pages to provide protection for data and information contained there. Although some people find it annoying to enter captcha, on the other hand, few love to fill in captcha values. If you are one from the latter group who enjoys entering the captchas and patterns, this article will guide you about how this passion can fetch you income. To convert your interest to a source of income, carefully read the details given below.

What is Captcha?

Captcha is an abbreviation for Complete Automated Public Turing Test. This is basically a tool that is used to test whether the computer system is being operated by a real human or not by asking you to perform some actions like multiplication, addition, subtraction, and other calculations or certain tasks like identifying an object in images or to identify similar images, etc.


The key role of captcha is to provide protection to the computer system from malicious programs by distinguishing between humans and robots/bot programs. Hackers hack the data from the website with the use of various programs which must be identified to protect the information from the website. If a captcha is involved, it forms a barrier between the two by distinguishing between the speed. Since human speed is slower as compared to bot speed which is extremely fast. So, with the help of captcha, companies are able to identify hackers by comparing the speed of programs against that of humans and hence protect the system.

What are Online Captcha Entry Jobs?

Companies use captcha values to protect their system as data security is a major issue nowadays. So, they want the captcha values high numbers to be a part of their protection system. The online captcha entry job is the work that requires you the captcha solving ability within a given time frame. Accuracy and time are the major concerns as you need to be accurate in the entry and within the given time. Thus, accuracy and speed are two skills that enable you in fetching a job in this field.

Expected Salary

The income from an online captcha entry job greatly varies from company to company as each individual company has its own price range. In general, you can expect a salary of about $0.2 to $2 for solving 1000 captcha entries.

Companies Offering Online Captcha Entry Jobs

  •  Kolotibablo: When looking for this job of online captcha entry, this is one of the best websites for this works on which you can easily make about $200 to $300 per month. The key point is just that you have to be accurate in your work.
  •  Captcha Typers: This website provides you work by a straightforward login process. The website provides their email id – [email protected] on which you can mail if you are interested in the job of an online captcha entry.
  •  2captcha: It is another which is one among the best platforms for finding such jobs. This website provides the user with a programming interface to do the job.
  •  MegaTypers: MegaTypers can provide you with $150 to $200 per month. For one image, they’re giving $0.45. you’ll be able to receive the payment through debit or credit cards, valet, and so forth.
  •  Captcha Club: This is yet another platform for the captcha entry job. This is a website where you have to begin by registering yourself at the Captcha Club, after which they further ask you to select from different membership forms. From those options, you can choose the membership form which suits you best.
  •  FastTypers: This is another website that is quite secure to look for a captcha entry job. This site offers you about $1-$5 for 1000 captcha solutions.
  •  Captcha2Cash: On this website, the registration process is simple for this job through which you can earn $1 for solving 1000 captcha values. Their motto is to type more and earn more.
  • Lion Bridge: On this site, you can earn well by solving a higher number of captcha problems and they will help you throughout the process. Also, they offer flexibility for working hours.
  • Upwork: This is a site that is famous for freelancers as it provides jobs in various categories. All you have to do is, create an account and give details about your skills based on which, Upwork will highlight the related jobs.
  • Fiverr: This is also another website available for providing work to freelancers on which jobs of almost all categories like typing, design, branding, translation, captcha, etc, are available.
  • ySense: This offers jobs in various fields as it is a global community. Furthermore, this has the feature of providing cash backs and rewards.

Steps to apply online for Captcha Entry Jobs

  • Select any platform from the above-mentioned platforms and visit their website.
  • Carefully read the instructions/ guidelines mentioned for the registration process and then proceed accordingly.
  • Mention your details including name, address, email id, phone number, etc., in the registration form for the registration process.
  • Upload the required documents/ certificates that have been asked for in the application form.
  • Mention the details in a presentable way and then submit.
  • Be patient while waiting for the approval email, and then begin with grabbing the job opportunities that suit you the best.
  • Get paid for the project immediately after submission of the work.

NOTE – Be thorough about all the details before applying for the job.

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