How To Choose Transcriber as a Career

If flexibility in the job is what you are looking for while making a decent salary without needing a formal degree to get started is your dream, then it is the time when your dream has come true and such jobs exist one of which is of a transcriptionist or transcriber. Becoming a transcriber is among the top jobs in the market as you are the one in charge of your working hours and you can control the amount of work to be done according to your pace.

Transcription is subdivided into different groups which are legal, medical, and general transcription. Beginners must concentrate on general transcription before specialization. After honing the skills in this field, you can specialize whenever you’d like. Without further delay, lets us discuss the crux and nuances of general transcription.

Roles & Responsibilities

The main work of a transcriptionist is to hear an audio text and then convert it into text. Various software tools can provide assistance in performing this task and thus companies hiring you expect you to have such software before appointing you. The audio files may be in the form of dialogue, interview, song, monologue, or text readout, which need to be converted into text form. This job requires accuracy and concentration on details. Also, listening skills are what make you stand out from other candidates.

Earnings of Transcribers

In comparison to other freelancing work, transcriptionists earn well but the payment differs greatly and may reach up to $30/hour depending on the effort you put in, while you work from the comfort of home. The legal and medical transcripts help earn exceptionally well because of the technicality and research involved. Furthermore, skills, typing speed, availability of work, and experience greatly decide your income.

Companies That Hire Transcribers

After knowing the above-mentioned information, you may wonder about the process of finding such a job but don’t be anxious, we’ve got your back. There are a few companies that provide the transcriber job. However, most of them will conduct a simple test before hiring you to check the level of accuracy and level in the field.

Following is the list of few companies which offer the job of a transcriber.


This is the company that requires you to register and proceed with their Transcriber Training program. They give a salary of up to $15 per audio per hour. Although they do not have fixed the number of hours so you may work flexibly according to your schedule. The only requirements are a computer, earphones and good internet. The income is weekly via PalPal.


This is yet another website that offers the job of transcription. They conduct a grammar quiz which you must qualify to proceed with the work. This also offers you the flexibility of working hours and the requirements are the same, that are, a computer, earphones, and internet to start the job. The expected salary is from 36 to 65 cents per audio minute and you will receive it weekly via PayPal.


Many other companies which offer this work are Tigherfish, Crowdsurf, etc. These are just a few and a plethora many others are available on the internet. If working from home is your preference, a transcription job is worth trying. Although in beginning, the earning may not be high it will allow you to explore and gain more skills and thus leading you to better options in the future.

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