10 Jobs Where You Don’t Need To Leave The House

Covid-19 Pandemic has changed the job perspective for employers and employees both. During the times when covid-19 was declared an International Emergency, millions of people filed for jobless benefits.

The unemployment rate is double-digit for the first time. Work from home jobs gives hope to many people as people find many ways to survive and earn enormously better through work from home jobs. And many companies follow the work-from-home culture, easing the pandemic situation. The companies managers are surprised to see the results of work from home jobs and appreciate the efforts of remote employees.

Work from home jobs are not blonded to one or more categories, and you can find the work in almost all the industry types, and age is not the number here. People from a young age to old age as much attractive work to do.

10 Work from Home Jobs for You

Here, we will discuss the top 10 work from home jobs, and the hourly rate is provided based on a survey from reviewers given by the remote employees.

1. Teacher Jobs

The demand for remote teachers has increased after the Pandemic. Although, the schools start operating offline. But the requirements for online teachers are still there. The companies are hiring teachers to give online tuitions to kindergarten students. The companies provide extra classes for the subjects like computer, Englis language, dance, music, yoga, etc. And parents want their kids to learn the skills from a very early age.

Secondly, the company hires remote teachers to teach high school and graduate students. Graduate students want special classes for one or more subjects like computer science, finance, medical, competitive exams. Graduate and post-graduate students need helps in their alignments and projects. Online teaching is an evolving career.

Teachers are earning from $15 to $35 for taking one lecture. The hourly rate depends on the company for which you are working and the subject you are teaching. Follow the above links and find out the current vacancies as per your specialty and apply following the instructions.

Where To Apply: K12, Prof360

Average Hourly Salary: $10 to $25

2. Telehealth Nurse Jobs

People become concerned about their health after the pandemic situation, and they do not want to visit the doctors due to corona. They prefer to have telehealth assistants over the phone. The health care system has noticed the massive demand for assistants during pandemic times. And the Telehealth Nurses did their best during work from home job.

Many families hire full-time and part-time telehealth nurses to answer questions related to covid and their specific health problems. You can work as a Telehealth nurse through your hospital or independently. If you choose to work independently, then you would know the nursing procedures, should have proper qualifications experience, and the significant thing is to have a license to work in a particular state.

Where To Apply: Forward

Average Hourly Salary: $20 to $44

3. Transcription Jobs

Transcription jobs have been there for a long time. Many people do not know how to make money with minimum skills, without higher degrees, and sitting at home. Yes, transcription is one of them. You will be provided with the audio files, listen to them, and write what you listen to. In this job, you should show accuracy and speed to complete the work quickly and efficiently.

The health care industry and companies working with different languages require people to transcribe audio files to a specific language. Kinder garden school requires Literably service for reading assessments and transcribing audio files from kindergarten to eight standards. , people earn from $10 to $28 an hour based on their experience.

Where To Apply: Upwork

Average Hourly Salary: $10 to $28

4. Consultant Jobs

The people specializing in particular filed have a brighter chance to freelance their service at their own rates. People can choose to work full-time or part-time. It is an attractive option for a pre-retiree, retired person, housewives, and mothers.

You can do the consultant work efficiently from home. You can target local clients or freelance your service through the platforms like Upwork and Flexjobs. The hourly rate ultimately depends on your expertise level and experience in the same field. Expert is earning up to $70 per hour.

Where To Apply: Upwork,  FlexJobs

Average Hourly Salary: $20 to $50

5. Bookkeeper Jobs

If you are from a commerce background and have accounting or bookkeeping experience. You can start doing the accounting from home virtually. AccountingDepartment.com hires people for full-time and part-time job roles.

The company offers paid vacations, insurance, a 401(k) plan. The hourly rate is quite good, and people are living happily with work from home bookkeeping job role.

Where To Apply: AccountingDepartment.comBeech Valley Solutions

Average Hourly Salary: $12 to $25

6. Virtual Assistants Jobs

Virtual Assistants are always in demand; companies and private people hire virtual assistants to take care of their business. The main tasks assigned to virtual assistants are scheduling meetings, attending phone calls, email management, strategizing the social media, and event planning. You can choose to work with a particular agency or can apply for the virtual assistant job through Boldly.

Boldly is a staffing agency recruiting people for 23 states. You can also so te work through Upwork, Freelancer.com, and Flexjobs.

Where To Apply: Boldly

Average Hourly Salary: $12 to $28

7. Writer Jobs

The people who love to write can turn their passion into a career. You can specialize in one or more fields like health, news, parenting, personal finance, economy, food, film industry, sports, technology, etc. Select one area and start grabbing knowledge about that.

You can start your career through the local companies that require content writers for their websites or can apply to Contently. With a little bit of experience in writing, you can also freelance your service through freelancing websites and can demand your hourly rate.

Where To Apply: ContentlyNerdWallet

Average Hourly Salary: $15 to $52

8. Customer Service Representative Jobs

Customer service representative work can be easily handled from home through phone calls, chats, and emails. You will see yourself resolving customers’ queries via phone call. You should collaborate with companies to provide customer care service from home.

The company might take an online interview or voice test before firing. Do the job patiently and try to learn good communication skills to cope with all types of customers.

Where To Apply: InfoCisionSmall Business AdministrationTeladoc Health

Average Hourly Salary: $11 to $19

9. SEO Experts Jobs

Search Engine Specialists analyze the website and provide ways to get a better rank for a website. For SEO jobs, you must-have SEO skills. You will get them through a course or degree and experience in the same.

This job can be handled nicely from home. It would help if you had a laptop and a good internet connection in order to provide adequate solutions for improving the SEO of a website.

Where To Apply: Coalition TechnologiesMain Street ROISure Oak

Average Hourly Salary: $11 to $29

10. Sales Agent Jobs

Sales agents work with almost every industry, including health, manufacturing, production, Information technology, marketing. Sales agents are the key people helping companies to boost their sales and earn profits. The sales agent’s job is completely done from the comfort of the home. You can get the sales agent work from freelancing platforms, indeed, Glassdoor, etc.

You can work as a part-time or full-time sales agent for a particular company. Adequate communications skill is the key to getting succeeded as a sales agent.

Where To Apply: Humana

Average Hourly Salary: $10 to $20

Work From Home Jobs: Summary

Sr No Job type Hourly Rate Requirements
1 Teacher 10 to $25 Graduation degree or master’s degree or specialization in one subject
2 Telehealth Nurse $20 to $44 Nursing experience and license to work in a state
3 Transcription $10 to $28 Adequate typing speed helps to do the job quickly
4 Consultant $20 to $50 It would be best if you were a specialist in one field.
5 Book Keeper $12 to $25 Commerce background people with experience in accounting or bookkeeping.
6 Virtual Assistant $12 to $28 Must have management skills
7 Writer $15 to $52 Grammar and Langauge knowledge
8 Customer Service Representative $11 to $19 Need to have Good Communication Skills
9 SEO Experts $11 to $29 Specialist in SEO
10 Sales Agent $10 to $20 Communication Skills

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