Online Book Keeping Jobs: Salary, Qualifications & Other Details

Online Book Keeping Jobs: Online Book Keeping Jobs is one of the best options for work from home job. Book Keeping is an exciting job for people who pay attention to the data and are good at numbers. Companies hire employees remotely to handle their account dept. And clerical work. Essential educational qualification is sufficient for the Book Keeping job. You can do the bookkeeping job as a freelancer or through direct recruitment.

Freelancers do not require so many things to do the job. It would help if you had a laptop with an internet connection and essential accounting software. If you also want to start your career as a Book Keeper, this article will guide you about what’s the job and how you will get that.

Online Book Keeping Jobs: Important Details

What is Online Book Keeping:

Book Keeping is essential for any business. Because every company has to maintain its inventory, sales, Salary, expenses, invoices, etc., all these require record generation, maintenance, updates. All-in-all, Bookkeepers are responsible for keeping records of finance and other vital data. Bookkeepers have to work with excel files, word files, PowerPoint presentations, pdfs, and internal software of the company.

They play a significant role in the overall accounting department. Coventialnyy all the bookkeeping work was done offline. There are lots of files, writing and typing work is associated with bookkeeping. In the current scenario, the whole situation is changing. Now the data is present on the central server, and the work of a bookkeeper is easy now. They edit the files on the laptop/desktop.

You can see Book Keeping as follows.

  • To manage accounts payable and receivable.
  • To track and update essential financial data.
  • To regulate payments.
  • To help develop financial reports.
  • To distribute files internally and externally as required.
  • To support existing bookkeeping and accounting dept.

Skills Bookkeepers Should Have:

  • Pay Attention To Detail: Book Keeping requires keen observation of data and details. You should record data with accuracy and efficiency for the organization.
  • Should be Good With Numbers: In Book Keeping, there are lots of calculations, excel formulas, additions, subtractions. It would help if you were fast and accurate enough for rechecking the calculated result by the software.
  • Multitasking: Book Keepers will do a lot of tasks simultaneously, like bookkeeping and admin work. Attentiveness is the key for the Book Keeping job. Your focus will be shifted from one job to another job.
  • Trustworthy:  The Book Keeping involves the confidential data of the company. The company demand trust from your side.

Difference Between Accounting & Book Keeping:

Accounting and bookkeeping have differences. The Book Keeping involves record maintenance of day-to-day activity, and the accounts dept will analyze that data collected by the BookKeeper. Accounting comes in the big picture than Book Keeping.

What Salary to expect for Online Book Keeping Job:

The freelancer BookKeeper is earning very well. They manage to make $50000 in a year by working 40 hours a week. An accountant can make more than Book Keepers. For an accounts job, you should have a standard educational qualification. You can be get prompted from Book Keeper to Accountant based on qualification and experience.

Types of Online Book Keeping:

Book Keepers can get jobs in two ways. One is the direct recruitment y giving interviews and competitive test as per the company’s hiring process and second, on is do the Bookkeeping work as a freelancer.

  • Direct Employment: In Direct employment, one company will hire you and do the work assigned by that company. The work can be done from home as per the instructions of the company. The company will hire you on a monthly salary basis.
  • Freelance Bookkeeper: Freelancers have many work opportunities. They work for many organizations and people. When you complete the work, the money will get transferred to your account.

How To Apply Online For Online Book Keeping Jobs

The bookkeeping job does not require higher qualifications. You can start the bookkeeping job right after school. The best way to enter any company is to go for the internship programs offered by the companies. During the internship, try to learn the bookkeeping software of the company. You can also apply for the BookKeeper certificates so that you can become the licensed Certified Public Bookkeeper. The certificate will help to get a job with the increased package and to join a big firm.

Where to Apply for Online Book Keeping Jobs:

  • Bookkeeper: Book Keeper is a company that hires people for bookkeeping work. The company also has a Bookkeeper Launch for guiding and helping the newcomers. Check the link here.
  • BookMinder: Bookkinders has served the people for the past 25 years. They usually hire employees on a part-time basis. Check the link here.
  • FlexJobs: FlexJobs has many opportunities for freelancers. Check the link here.
  • ClickAccounts Bookkeeping Services: ClickAccounts demand quality, accuracy from you. You should check the company website for the current opportunity. Check the link here.
  • BIDaWIZ: This company also provides jobs in Book Keeping. Check the link here.

Note: Go to the company’s official website, check the current job openings, and apply for the Book Keeping job per the instructions and guidelines.

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