Online Data Entry Jobs – How To Apply?

Online Data Entry Jobs: Data is very crucial for any business and organization. Every organization has to maintain data about everything like employees, products, customers, infrastructure, finance, services. For accurate data, management organizations need Data Entry persons. They are also called Data Entry operators. Whether it is govt organization or a private organization, both need data management.

Government organizations also hire employees on a permanent and temporary basis. The online data entry jobs are available in both modes, offline and online. You can choose them as part-time or full-time. Before applying for the online Data Entry Jobs, you should carefully go through the exact details given below.

Online Data Entry Jobs: Important Details

What is Online Data Entry Jobs:

Data Entry Operators are responsible for encoding or converting text and numbers into the desired format. The output format may be a word file, excel file, slides, or the format specified by the company. The company gives you the flexibility for timing like you can do the job part-time. They will mention the deadline for the work. Your work should be completed and submitted to the desired platform within that time limit.

Nature of Online Data Entry Jobs:

Online Data Entry Jobs require file management skills from you. Kindly check the below list and have a look at the nature of the online Data Entry Jobs.

  • The company demands from you the accuracy and speed of typing.
  • You should have knowledge of operating software like MS Word, Microsoft Office, Google Docs, etc.
  • For better communication, your English must be up to the mark.
  • You need to have a laptop/desktop, a fast internet connection, and essential software on the laptop.

The payout for Online Data Entry Jobs:

Most of the online Data Entry Jobs give the payment on an hourly basis. And some offer the payment on a fixed project basis. The hourly rate for the Online Data Entry Job varies from $7 to $40. On average, you can get up to $27000 in a year from online Data Entry Jobs. If we calculate the monthly salary of the Data Entry Operator will get the salary up to $1200 to $6500. The average monthly salary will be $3100.

Eligibility Requirements for Online Data Entry Jobs:

Data Entry Jobs require typing speed with accuracy. Your keystroke per hour should be 10000 for some companies. The organization conducts online examinations to verify the typing speed. Some companies will check the word per minute speed of the applicant. If you want to pursue the Data Entry field, you can go for the certification for typing speed. These certificates will help you get the Data Entry Job quickly and help you get the higher hourly rates.

Steps To Consider To Apply Online For Online Data Entry Jobs

There are many options to apply for Data Entry Jobs.

  1. You can check the government vacancies. You can check the Government job vacancies from the department websites and newspaper articles. Government organizations also offer online work from home data entry jobs for their various projects. Sometimes they hire the employees for a period of time on a contract basis.
  2. You can apply for the companies that hire the Data Entry Operators for full time. You should submit your resume to the websites like Indeed and Glassdoors. These platforms publish the current openings in the company. There you can search the job location-wise or use the tag ‘work from home jobs. It is advised that you should submit your updated resume with a recent photograph.
  3. The third way is to make your profile on freelancing websites. Freelancing websites like Upwork and Fiverr have open jobs in more than 100 fields. The website shows you the open jobs as per the skills mentioned in your profile. So make your profile wisely. Search for the Data Entry Job using the search bar given on the website page. Apply as per the instructions for the Data Entry Job.


Conclusion: There is a need to take the first step for Online Data Entry Jobs. When you decide that you will start doing the job, follow the instructions given above and apply accordingly. You can also search more regarding the Online Data Entry Jobs. But please be aware of the fake job offers for the Data Entry Job. You should apply through genuine platforms only. If you face any problem applying or reading the online work from jobs, don’t hesitate to message us. Our team will be there to help you.

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