Online transcription Jobs: How To Apply Online?

Online transcription Job: People want side hustle for extra income, and they want it to do from home with time flexibility. You have many options for side hustles. Online transcription Job is one of them. It does not require higher qualification degrees. You must have to master typing skills and listening skills to do great in a Transcription job.

A transcription job can give you $1000 to $3000 in a month, depending on your working hours and experience level. The below article elaborates the Salary, type, and how you can start the Transcription job online, read on for further information.

Online transcription Job: Important Details

What is an Online transcription Job:

Transcription Job involves the conversion of the content of audio, video files into a text file. You have to listen to the audio files & videos files and write down or type what you have heard. Because companies are dealing with the client, spread worldwide and language is a barrier in the communication. The companies hire Transcriptors to convert the audio or video files into the desired language. In Transcription jobs, companies want accuracy and speed from you. Errors in the Transcription Job are not permissible. For work from home online Transcription Job, you should have a laptop/desktop with a high-speed internet connection and good quality headset. The Transcription Job does not require prior experience. It is a skill. How much you practice it, that much you master it.

Skills Required For an Online transcription Job:

  • Your English Language should be good.
  • Transcription jobs require good Listening skills and accurate typing skills.
  • You should have the capability to interpret conversations.
  • It would be better if you owned a Desktop/laptop with a reliable internet connection.
  • This job requires a Headset and foot pedal.
  • Your web browser must have the newest version.
  • The transcription job checks your patience because sometimes you will get poor-quality audio files. You have to listen to them repeatedly to interpret what is said.

Salary of an Online transcription Job:

The Salary of the Transcription job depends on the time you are giving—means working hours in a day and full days in a month. The companies an organization will provide $18 to $25 for an hour. On average, a Transcriptor can earn up to $45000 in a year.

Steps To Follow To Apply Online For Online transcription Job

Here is the list of companies that are hiring transcriptions. Go to the link given in the description for applying online and study the details carefully.

  1. Way with Words: Way with Words allows freshers to apply for the transcription job. The workers are from all over the world. They hire the employees for full-time and part-time both. Generally, they hire employees who have English as their first language.
  2. Go Transcript: Go Transcript hires freshers, and they can come from anywhere. No prior experience is required. This company has a Trust Piolet rating of 9/10. It is one of the most reliable companies, to begin with, the transcription job. The payment will beget transferred to your account via PayPal or Pioneer.
  3. Happyscribe: Happyscribe offers work from home Transcription job. The employee’s location does not matter for them. They can be from anywhere. They offer Transcription for various industries like academic studies, youtube videos, etc.
  4. Scribie: Scribie also hires employees from the whole globe. They give $25 for an hour. The Salary will be provided through the PayPal application.
  5. Audio Transcription Center: Audio Transcription Center does not require experienced employees. You can be asked to transcribe oral history interviews, focus groups, financial forecasts, technology webinars, etc. They hire employees who have a typing speed of 75 words per minute.
  6. SpeechPad: SpeechPad welcomes freshers for a Transcription job. They accept the application from the employees who have a typing speed of 40 words per minute. Freshers will be given $.25 for a minute, while experienced will get $1 for a minute. The payment is transferred through PayPal.
  7. Daily Transcription: Daily Transcription has most of the work from the entertainment industry, academy sector, and corporate sector. They offer shire rates of $.75 for a minute. In a week, you can make $950. You must be live in Canada or US, and your age should be more than 18 years.
  8. FF Transcription: FF Transcription hiring process is very quick. They cony=udct a Transcription skill test before hiring. They notify you within 48 hours. The payment will be given via PayPal. They will give $.40 for a minute. 
  9. GMR Transcription: GMR Transcription focuses on Legal and business industries. The employees of the GMR organization are from all over the world, and they support the work-from-home culture. You can earn $1000 to $3000 in a month. They will take a transcription test before hiring.
  10. TigerFish: Tigerfish hires employees who live in the US and whose age is above 18 years. The hourly rate of TigerFish is $8 to $10 per hour for beginners.

Note: You should first select the company for which you want to apply and then follow the link provided in the description for applying for the Online transcription Job.

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