Top Online Work From Home Jobs That Pays You Good

Top Online Work From Home Jobs: In this era of increasing unemployment, youth need a proper guide on earning well even with the 12th standard, and the work is done from home. There is no need to worry about the career. You have so many options for work from home online jobs. Freshers, experienced, homemakers, 12th pass out anyone can start doing the online jobs as per their interest.

Nowadays, companies are shifting towards the work-from-home culture. You can join a company or can do the work as a freelancer. This article will cover the top 10 online jobs that can be done part-time or full-time. Check the specifications carefully and follow the steps of how to apply for online work-from-home jobs.

Top Online Work From Home Jobs: Important Details

You can get Online work-from-home jobs in almost every field like teaching, web designing, guitar classes, dance classes, accounting, translator, and many more. For doing the online job, you should master one skill and focus on that. Below is the list of top online jobs. Go through the below details carefully.

1. Online Teacher:

The people who love to teach to students have the opportunity to take their skills all over the world. Parents want personal tuition for their children. Many startups hire online tutors and give salaries on an hourly basis. The hourly rate is quite good. The online teaching subjects are Maths, Science, Competitive exams, languages (English, French, etc.), Dance, Yoga, Guitar, etc. As a teacher, you should have the ability to let the students learn the concept easily and quickly.

The timing of the job sometimes depends on the free time availability of the students. There may be a difference of day and night in your and student timing because there are international students also. For online teaching, you should have a working laptop, high-speed internet connection, headset, microphone, etc. The hourly rate for online tutors varies from $15 to $35. Usually, professors will get up to $35 for an hour.

Companies to Check for Online Teaching Job

2. SEO Specialist:

SEO Specialists are in demand now. Every company, small or big, needs an SEO specialist for its business. The company can hire an SEO specialist on a part-time or full-time, or on a contract basis. SEO specialists make the business easy. Their work is to analyze the website design and content. SEO Specialists find out the flaws and give the solution to improve the performance of the website. They help in a higher conversion rate. SEO Specialist hourly rate varies from $12 to $30. The payment process can be on weekends or month-end, depending on the company or client.

Companies to Check for SEO Specialist Job

3. Customer Service Representative:

Customer Service Representative handles customers queries, issues with the products. They will be phone calls with the customers regarding the products. You can do the Customer Service Representative job from your home. The companies hire Customer Service Representatives remotely. It would be best if you had your laptop, phone, and good communication skills. The company requires customer retention from you and building up long customer relationships. Customer Service Representatives are required in almost every business-like health care, technology, food, clothing, manufacturing. The hourly rate is from $10 to $19 for Customer Service Representatives.

Companies to Check for Customer Service Representative Jobs

4. Translator:

Translators are the person who is experts in two or more languages. Companies require a translator for the conversion of meetings, documents, etc. The companies deal in multiple languages for international business, and translators play an essential part in smooth business. The translators are earning from $10 to $39 based on their experience. Initially, maybe you will get a lower hourly rate, but you can demand to hire rates with the knowledge.

Companies to Check for Translators 

5. Software Engineer:

Sofware Engineers can manage the work from home as the requirement is a laptop with the software needed for the work. If someone has prior experience in the same field, the job can be done quickly from home. The Sofware Engineers are earning from $20 to $65 for an hour based on the experience and position on which they are working. The job requirements for Sofware Engineers will be BTech, BE, BCA, or similar. Good communication skills are always a plus point to you.

Companies to Check for Sofware Engineers Job

6. Virtual Assistant:

Virtual Assistants are assistants who Help any business, person, or company in tasks like planning, meeting scheduling, administrative support, event planning, email management, etc. Virtual Assistant salary is from $10 to $28 for an hour. As a fresher, your salary may be less, but with experience, it will increase. You should check the freelancing websites. There is a lot of opportunities there for Virtual Assistant and other work also.

Companies to Check for Virtual Assistants Jobs

7. BookKeeper:

Bookkeepers are required to have a deep knowledge of accounts—companies require Book Keepers to maintain the accounts department. Book Keepers keep the transactions of the company. Book Keeping is also a work-from-home online job. You can manage the Book Keeping work from home. The Book Keepers will get $12 to $24 for an hour, and the organization also provides other benefits. The other benefits may include health insurance, paid vacation, paternity leaves, etc.

Companies to Check for Bookkeepers Jobs

8. Transcriptionist :

Transcriptionists are the person who listens to audio files or video files and write done the conversation on paper. You should be an attentive person for doing the Transcription job. Sometimes it will require repeatedly listening to the video files to get the said word. You should have patience for transcription posts. This is a one-of-the-work-from-home job that requires a laptop/desktop, headset, internet connection, basic knowledge of a computer system. You will get $10 to $26 for an hour of work of Transcription.

Companies to Check for Transcriptionists  Jobs

9. TeleHealth Nurse:

Organizations are more aware of the health of the employees. Companies and organizations have one health department. The organization hires Nurses that answer the employees/patient queries on phone calls or email id. This work can be easily done from home. You should have a laptop, internet connection, mobile phone at home and also free time for doing the job. Telehealth Nurse work is both part-time and full-time. You can choose your working hours. There is the flexibility of time and location. The Telehealth Nurse can make up to $20 to $42 for an hour.

Companies to Check for Telehealth Nurse Job

10. Sales Agent:

Sales Agents are the person who sells the product to the customers, and they convince the people to buy the products. You should have good customer skills. Sales agents mostly have conversations with the client telephonically. You can manage the job from home. As you got the experience As a Sales Agent, you can become the Team Leader of the Sales Team. The responsibility of the Sales Agents is to give the product details to the customer on behalf of the company. Product and service-based organizations need Sales Agents to enhance their business and better customer experience. The hourly rate of the Sales Agents is from $10 to $20. There is no limit on the hourly rate for skilled candidates.

Companies to Check for Sales Agents Jobs


Online Jobs Hourly Payment Daily Work Weekly Payment
Teacher $15- $40/hour 05- 07 hours $500- $700/week
SEO Specialist $12- $28/hour 05- 07 hours $400- $500/week
Customer Service Representative $10- $19/hour 05- 07 hours $350- $450/week
Translator $15- $39/hour 05- 07 hours $500- $700/week
Software Engineer $19- $62/hour 05- 09 hours $600- $900/week
Virtual Assistant $10- $28/hour 05- 07 hours $400- $500/week
Bookkeeper $12- $25/hour 05- 07 hours $400- $450/week
Transcriptionist $10- $27/hour 05- 07 hours $400- $500/week
Sales Agent $10- $20/hour 05- 07 hours $350- $500/week


Conclusion:  There is a need for proper guidance for online jobs. You have so many opportunities for work from home jobs. You should identify your skills and passion. The above article has the top 10 work from home jobs from sales agents to software engineers. You can decide which job is more suitable for you. Study that category carefully and understand what is needed from you for that job. Then apply for that job using the links provided above. Follow the instructions for submitting your application on the platform and mention your skills attractively. In case of any queries and difficulties, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team. We are here to help you.

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