Where to Apply for Online Data Entry Jobs?

This is the time when people prefer work from the comforts of home. This provides opportunities for students looking for part-time jobs to bear daily expenses along with options for housewives looking for careers after long or for people who lost their jobs for various reasons. An online data entry job is the type of job that suits all and does not require specific higher degrees.

Thus, anyone with any time availability and basic knowledge can proceed with their career in the field of online data entry. This article will shed light on how to start your online career and begin to earn from home itself. To know about this career pathway, read the below-mentioned information carefully.

What is Online Data Entry Job?

As is clear from the name of the job, this requires you to enter data in form, fields, etc. In this job, one format of data is provided by the company and an output format is provided. In this job, basically, the work is to follow the output format and enter the data accordingly.

This data is reviewed by the company to check for the accuracy of the output after which you will receive the payment. The payment can be based on the project whereas few companies also hire the person on a monthly salary basis.

Skills Needed

Online data entry is a job based mainly on your typing skills which require not only tying speed but also a high level of accuracy. You must have knowledge of applications like MS Office like MS Word, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint, Google Sheets to apply for such jobs. Even if you don’t have this knowledge, these are the basic skills that can be learned easily, and then proceed to apply for this job. To peruse the job of online data entry, the following skills are required:

  • Good typing speed with 90% precision
  •  Knowledge of software like MS Office.
  •  Laptop / desktop
  •  Good internet connection
  •  A habit of rechecking your worksheets before submission to the company.

Educational Qualifications

The applicants who have passed the 10th/12th class or have a graduation degree can all apply for data entry jobs. The applicants with sound knowledge of computers and skills like good typing speed of about 1000 keystrokes per hour have better chances to get the projects quickly.

Pay Scale

The expected amount earned from online data entry jobs is about $21000 to $36000 per year.

Platforms to Consider for Online Data Entry Jobs

FIVERR: The most famous website for doing online jobs is Fiverr in which you can register yourself and look for gigs there. The jobs of various fields like web designing, data entering, video editing, transcription, etc. are available.

UPWORK : This is the best site if you consider freelancing. On this website, the payment can be adjusted according to the skills. You can find be a freelancer by creating your profile and highlighting your skills to attract the projects. Working online from home, freelancers worldwide can earn up to 3-5 lah per month.

CLICKWORKER : This is a famous crowdsourcing platform that has jobs available in various fields. The data entry job can be found easily from this platform by building your profile and thus, can start earning.

MONSTER INDIA: This is an employment platform used for searching online data entry jobs which are readily available on this site. You can begin by building a profile on this site and proceed by selecting the domain of interest to search for relevant jobs. Finally, the projects of interest can be applied for.  

NOTE– Be cautious of the fraud companies offering online data entry jobs/ work from home.

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